MHS Agricare
Based in Pretoria, the Company has grown to supply farmers and fruit growers as well as residential agricare across Gauteng with an ever increasing selection of specialist products including pruning, planting, harvesting and irrigation products.

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Welcome to MHS Agricare

About Us

MHS Agricare is active in the production side of agriculture. We mainly do animal health care for production animals while working closely with Veterinary professionals, Farmers as well as Co-Ops.

We consult farmers on animal health care and other fields of study to promote the best yields in Quality and Quantity of meat per animal. MHS Agricare also does Plant care and Intensive farming methods and are always expanding on these methods. These include Hydroponics, Aquaculture and indoor farming

Finaly MHS Agricare also has a nutrition and chemical control team that do plant nutrition on trees not used for commercial purposes these treatments include control of shothole borer, termites , aphids and tree diseases and fungal infections.

MHS agricare wishes to be on the forefront of agriculture and development and therefore can consult and work on established farms and also on new projects

Nutrition and Plant Care

Plant Care, Cycad Care, Pest Control (Shot hole Borer)


Greenhouses , Nethouses , Grow tunnels, Hydroponics

Farming Consulting

Farming Consulting - Livestock, Seed Plantation, Fertilization


  • Tree disease and pest treatment
  • Cycad care & identification
  • Weed control
  • Soil sampling & treatment
  • Plant supplementation & nutrition